Superior Stretch

SuperiorBand - Instructions

1. Sit on the floor and place your legs in the butterfly position.
2. Loop one end of the SuperiorBand® or SuperiorBand® Ultra around the center of either foot.
3. Pull the SuperiorBand® or SuperiorBand® Ultra across your back and just above your hips to loop the other end around your opposite foot.
4. Slowly extend your legs into the straddle split stretching position.
5. Return legs to butterfly position and remove Superior Band one foot at a time.

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The videos shown below feature the SuperiorBand®. These same exercises can be performed with the SuperiorBand® Ultra.
Disclaimer: Recommended stretching programs for any Superior StretchTM product will vary depending on one’s age, skill level, flexibility or health concerns. Always consult with your teacher, coach or other professional before starting any intense stretching exercise.