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Dancers often need a foot stretcher to stretch and strengthen the upper arch of the foot for correct positioning of the feet in Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, General Ballet and Pointe Ballet. A common upper arch exercise is performed by having a fellow dancer or dance instructor hold down the foot, pressed to the floor, while the dancer lowers the back of the leg toward the floor, stretching the upper arch of the foot. This is difficult for a single dancer to do without some assistance. It may also be painful as the heel is pressed against the hard dance floor.

Serious dancers will spend thousands of dollars each year on pointe ballet shoes, pointe ballet lessons, a ballet barre and other equipment to help improve their ballet technique. For just a few dollars, you can have the SuperiorArch®, the best Foot Stretcher for Ballet available anywhere!

The foot and the upper arch are often overlooked when it comes to warm-up, stretching and exercise routines. The competitive arch comes from correct stretching and strengthening exercises which are critical components to successful training. The foot is a highly complex and delicate structure containing 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Before starting any serious stretching or exercise routine, including using the SuperiorArch®, consult your coach, instructor or other qualified professional.

  • – This Foot Arch Stretcher is custom designed with an incline molded into the select wood base for under arch support.
  • – This feature, exclusive to SuperiorArch, allows room for the heel to rotate down avoiding impingement of the heel bones.
  • – Each SuperiorArch is completely covered with two inch Premium Foam for foot comfort.
  • – Velcro adjustable overlapping Flap will properly secure any size foot.
  • – Instructional Videos and Mobile App is included.

How the SuperiorArch® Works

The SuperiorArch® has a custom designed incline molded into the select wood base. This allows room for the heel to rotate down avoiding impingement of the heel bones. High Density Foam Pads are placed at the arch and heel contact points. The SuperiorArch® is completely covered with two inch Premium Foam for foot comfort. An adjustable Velcro Flap properly secures any size foot to the SuperiorArch®.

How to use the SuperiorArch®

The SuperiorArch® is very easy to use.

1. Place the foot under Velcro strap and tightly secure the Velcro flaps over the top of the foot making sure the heel is behind the incline bump.

2. Then slowly stretch the upper arch of the foot by lowering the leg toward the floor. Stretch as far as you can without causing pain. Hold the stretch and count to ten; then slowly release and repeat.

Note: Recommended stretching programs with the SuperiorArch® will vary depending on the one’s age, skill level, fitness level and activity being trained for. For beginners, it is often recommended that an individual stretch at least twice a day.

Detailed Instructions