Superior Stretch

SuperiorArch - Instructions

The SuperiorArch® is very easy to use.

1. Place your foot on the SuperiorArch® so that the incline bump is under the arch of your foot and your heel is behind the bump. Put enough weight on your foot to compress the foam and to make sure your foot is firmly in the proper position then secure the Velcro strap. For Example: If you want to stretch your right foot, kneel down on your left knee and put your right foot on the SuperiorArch® and lean forward as if you were going to tie your shoe. Then tightly secure the overlapping Velcro strap over the top of your foot.

2. Now adjust yourself so that you can slowly and gently straighten and lower your right leg toward the floor. Stretch as far as you can without causing pain or discomfort. Hold the stretch and count to ten then slowly release and repeat.

Note: As with any exercise or stretching activity, if one experienced pain or discomfort one should discontinue the activity immediately. Be careful to not over stretch or to compress or impinge the bones in the rear of the ankle or heel beyond normal activity.
Disclaimer: Recommended stretching programs for any Superior StretchTM product will vary depending on one’s age, skill level, flexibility or health concerns. Always consult with your teacher, coach or other professional before starting any intense stretching exercise.