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StretchMax - Instructions

The StretchMaxTM is very easy to use.

1. Attach the small piece of webbing with the D-Ring to the top of any door. Place the end with the soft secure door stop over the back of the door so the D-Ring is in the front of the door. Make sure to securely close the door so that it will not open while stretching.

2. Insert the long piece of webbing through the D-Ring. Both ends have a loop, so you can use either end for your feet or hands. Loop 1 end around your foot and grab the other end with your hand. Pull down on the strap with your hand and stretch to comfortable level.

Note: As with any exercise or stretching activity, if one experienced pain or discomfort one should discontinue the activity immediately. Be careful to not over stretch.

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Disclaimer: Recommended stretching programs for any Superior StretchTM product will vary depending on one’s age, skill level, flexibility or health concerns. Always consult with your teacher, coach or other professional before starting any intense stretching exercise.
StretchMaxTM Demo – Installation Instructions