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Professional Foot Stretcher

The SuperiorArch® is a foot stretcher that was specifically designed for Ballet Dancers, Gymnasts, Swimmers and Ice Skaters.

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SuperiorArch® Videos

SuperiorArch Videos
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Professional Stretch & Strengthening

The SuperiorBand® and SuperiorBand® Ultra are a full body Stretching and Strengthening product specifically designed for Dancers, Gymnasts and Ice Skaters.

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SuperiorBand® & SuperiorBand® Ultra Videos

SuperiorBand Videos
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Stretching System

StretchMaxTM improves leg flexibility & range of motion by safely stretching their Hamstrings, Calves, Quadriceps and Hip Flexors.

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StretchMaxTM Videos

StretchMax Videos
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Pirouette/Spin Trainer

SpinBoardTM is a training tool for Dancers and Ice Skaters. It promotes proper body and arm position during pirouettes and spins. It also allows for multiple revolution head spotting practice.

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Read what others are saying about our Products.

I recommend the SuperiorArch to my students and have seen a significant improvement in those students who use it. It provides the best upper arch stretching exercise of any product I have seen. Pointe Instructor – Master Ballet Academy.
Olga Tarasova – Phoenix AZ
I received the SuperiorArch and love it. Both my kids are using it for better toes in gymnastics.
Cindy Tinsdale – Irvine CA
My daughter had trouble pointing her feet correctly in her Synchronized Swimming routines, not any more, Thank You.
Cheryl McCoy – Chicago IL

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about buying the SuperiorArch®, SuperiorBand® or SuperiorBand® Ultra, but your just not sure how it works, or you have some questions about sizing and ages, look through our frequently asked questions to see if we already have your answer.

Frequently Asked Questions